Low-calories rice.As per sources, it has been indicated in Weekly Times that the Scientists have gathered in Australian capital Canberra to discuss about research on developing more efficient rice. In this matter, under a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a global scientific team has begun a six-year research program to develop more productive rice varieties by supercharging them with genes from corn plants using genetic modification techniques to substantially increase their photosynthetic ability. The Scientists revealed that photosynthesis in rice plants normally exhibit C3 photosynthesis process, but photosynthesis process in C4 plants such as corn is more effective for increasing the yield even in extreme weather conditions like drought.

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Further, in this project,  according to a Professor at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Translational Photosynthesis director at Australian National University in Canberra, it  produce 50% more yield than rice with the same amount of water, light, temperature and carbon dioxide in the air. The reason the C4 plants is that it  operate more efficiently than the C3 plants  because they have a biochemical supercharger which concentrates atmospheric carbon dioxide in specialized cells of the leaves and this results in double the  rate of photosynthesis. Further, it was narrated that they use about half as much nitrogen per carbon fix compared to our traditional crops, such as rice and wheat. Moreover, they use less water and can have up to fivefold higher growth than the C3 plants. Under the project, Scientists are now working to replicate the C4 process in rice plant so that it will produce more yields and have greater drought-resistance.