The Department of Agriculture (DA) here has ultimately created a new record in palay crop production. Now its aim is on 3, 743 540 million ton palay production surpassing its goal of 3, 524, 558 metric tons.

According to DA Regional director Andrew Villacorta, the record-breaking production could be credited to the good weather in Central Luzon for the subsequent part of the year, highlighting that the production stretches a strong viewpoint on the actual competence of Central Luzon.

Villacorta also mentioned “This is part of what Central Luzon can produce provided that we have good weather and that all possible agriculture interventions are implemented.”

He said that Nueva Ecija provides a great share of the area’s functioning with 318, 299 hectares expended in the complete period with a collected production of 1.6 million metric tons tailed by Tarlac province with 585, 077 metric tons.

The DA aforesaid that Nueva Ecija’s terrific performance might be attributed in to the practice of hybrid and certified seeds in their palay production.

Villacorta also emphasized that the state’s farmers have been dynamic in exercising the newest technology and systems to increase their productions.

Villacorta also believed that the state has set a latest record in the regular palay production with 5.22 metric tons per hectare matched with last year’s 4.80 metric tons per hectare.