Conab (A national grain supply agency), has revealed some important figures of Brazil paddy crops. According to then it is declining recklessly from last year December. Rice stock of country Brazil has touched down the figure of 904,423 tons in December 2013. It was five percent less from the last month and 19% less from December 2012 according to Conab. It was about 1.12 million tons in December 2012.
A big difference was visible in the stocks of farmers, agriculture familial was down till 3,809 tons in December 2013 and the percentage counted was 34 percent.
Stocked paddy of Federal Government Acquisition (AGF) fell to the level of 346,235 tons it was about 8% from the figure of 374,975 tons in December 2012. Agricultural Products stepped down till the figure of 554,379 tons in December 2013 percentage was down with 25% from the figure of about 736,581 tons in exactly previous year. Total stocks are coming down each month 6.5%, paddy stocks held by AGF with 3% and paddy stocks under OPCAO with 7%. The figures are really important to think over and to act.