The paddy plantation in the country for the crop season 2014 has been completed which accounts for 80% of the annual production.

Sowing activities and crop development has been benefitted by the above average rainfall between June and mid-October. But dry spell and couples of flood in the August in the Mekong River Basin, has affected 166,000 hectares of agricultural crops, of which some 36,000 hectares were damaged.

FAO’s forecast for the 2014 has estimated at 7.2 million tonnes, 2 per cent below last year’s record level of the same season.

Also FAO’s data statics says that there is a decrease of 3% in maize growth also. Maize harvesting for the 2014 maize crop began in September and will continue until the end of October.

The reason for decline in the maize output is small plantation area against a contrast the area for plantation was at record level in 2013