iraq rice productionAs quoted by the European traders, the Iraq Trade Ministry has again extended deadline to buy at least 30,000 tons of rice in international tenders from the U.S., Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and India until October 11, 2015. However, the Ministry reportedly  has made no decision about a purchase in the tender.

Further, the Ministry extended the deadline twice to the tender, for which it initially set September 6, 2015, as deadline to receive bids with offers having to remain valid until September 10, 2015, to September 14, 2015. But, it did not make any purchases due to high prices on September 10, 2015. However, on September 14, it decided to extend the deadline to September 17, 2015.

It has been revealed that in the September 10 tender, India rice was offered at $537 per ton, $538 per ton and $539 per ton (c&f  basis) forshanti rice 50,000 tons of IR-64 grade rice; the U.S. rice was offered at $559 per ton (c&f); Argentina rice was offered at $547 per ton (c&f); Uruguay rice was offered at $549 per ton (c&f); but the  Brazil did not make any offer, as narrated by the  European traders.