rice feild affected by typhoon koopoAccording to the Philippines Agriculture Ministry that in a preliminary reports it has been noted that about 463,692 tons of rice worth 7.09 billion pesos (around $152 million) has been damaged by the Typhoon Koppu. It has also been stated that the typhoon affected about 335,885 hectares of rice fields. However, about 94% of the fields have a chance of recovery as indicated by the Ministry. Further, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has estimated the country’s total paddy output in the last quarter (October – December) is about 7.95 million tons.

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In this context, the Economic Planning Secretary revealed to the reporters that the output in first quarter of next year would decline as drought conditions have significantly affected the planting operations. It has been noted that the government will consider importing one million tons of rice in the first quarter of 2016 to compensate losses from the typhoon; however the country has sufficient stocks at present. It has been intimated that the National Food Authority (NFA) Council will meet next week to decide on the imports. However, it has already approved for 1.8 million tons of rice imports in this year and 500,000 tons in the first quarter of 2016. While, on the other hand another typhoon ‘Lando’ is likely to further damage rice crops leading to more losses and more imports.