The Department of Agriculture expects rice production to reach nearly 60 million metric tons (MT) over the next three years i.e. up to 2016 in line with the Aquino administration’s goal of achieving self-sufficiency in the Rice which is the Filipino staple food.

In a statement Wednesday, Agriculture Assistant Secretary for Field Operations and concurrent National Rice Program Director Edilberto de Luna said the target is to produce 59.68 million MT from 2014 to 2016.

By 2015, the department sees production at 20 million MT from 4.92 million hectares of farm lands at a rate of 4.08 MT/ha.

For the next year, DA aims to produce 20.52 million MT of rice from 4.95 million hectares of land, with an average output of 4.15 MT/ha.

Production in the first quarter of 2014 was 4.3 million metric tons (MT), up 3.28 percent from 4.17 million MT a year earlier

Yesterday, the Agriculture department said it targets harvest of unmilled rice to grow 3.4% to 19.07 million MT this year from 2013’s 18.439 million MT — which it claimed “translates to 96% self-sufficiency” — and then to 20.089 million MT in 2015 and 20.519 million MT in 2016. The Philippine Statistics Authority said in a report last May that it expected the first half to have ended with 8.31 million MT, 3.89% more than the 8.00 million MT the past year.

Talking from critics it was heard that the Philippines’ rice self-sufficiency goal of producing 60M MT was set for 2013,but this seems immposible as the natural disasters like Haiyan  happened last year which destroy swathes of paddy

Neglecting all this critics Mr. Pangilinan, appointed two months ago by President Benigno S. C. Aquino III, said  that no new time frame would be introduced for 100-percent self-sufficiency.

He said that he is happy with the 90-95% self-sufficiency (in 2016) and then will  import the rest. A government panel will meet on July 16 to discuss local rice supply and whether more imports will be needed.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has mandate the agency to expand the harvest area and increase the yield per hectare so the Philippine will be on track to achieve rice self-sufficiency.

From an average output of 3.95 MT/ha this year, the department expects to harvest 19.07 million MT of rice from 4.8 million hectares of land planted to rice.

Production in the first quarter of 2014 was 4.3 million metric tons (MT), up 3.28 percent from 4.17 million MT a year earlier.