rice cultivation in VietnamAccording to the sources it has been reported that about 7.6-7.7 million hectares of land will be set aside for rice cultivation with a total yield of 44.5 million tonnes, highlighting that the sector will enhance quality while reducing costs of rice production by using high-quality varieties and by applying new comprehensive cultivating techniques. Further, in this regard, the Ministry will continue projects on restructuring the rice sector and building rice trademarks, together with developing such plants as cashew, pepper, tea, cassava, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers which have good markets .In addition, the Ministry will  also enlarge maize planting areas to 1.22 million hectares, up 22,000 hectares from 2015. A high-yield variety will go into mass production, with a total expected yield of 5.5 million tonnes.

 Furthermore, the Department of Crop Production will submit a national maize production plan for 2020 to the Ministry for approval and draw up specific plans to shift ineffective rice cultivation to growing corn, in line with natural and socio-economic conditions, in each locality. As per data, it has been indicated that in 2015, about 157,000 hectares of land were affected by drought, 5,000 hectares of which suffered from critical Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.loss of crop, and cultivation could not be done in other 36,000 hectares. Moreover, under the cut in rice cultivation during the year, localities nationwide also converted 34,600 hectares of inefficient rice cultivation to planting grains and aquaculture.