Techo Grain Dryer Teco Dryers has been serving the production and marketing of corn,wheat ,rice, dryers. Teco Dryers is serving at designs, project, production, import and export subjects.subjects. Teco Dryers were first to use engineering in field of boiler production.Research and development activities realizes with expert staff.

Tell us something about Techo Grain Dryer System, when was the company formed and what is the background of the Founders?

The history of the company begans in 2001. In 2001 the general director of the company Aykut Coskun was producing this machine as a first engineer in Turkey. After that he decided found a new company named Omay for produce dryers and secondly he found Teco for import the products

Let get directly started with your Grain Drying System. Can you please share with us your product portfolio in this segment?

Grain dryers our main production branch and we are interesting handling and cleaning systems like pre-cleaner , elevators , chain conveyors etc..


Where have you installed your dryers and how effectively they are working at the respective places?

Our company sales products which we have produced in Turkey. And in the other countries we have too many branches. Until today we sold our products all around the world like in Europe: Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldavia, Latvia in Asia: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Bangladesh in Africa: Kenya, Angola and Egypt.

As we can see that you are providing the state of the art technology to the Global Grain Millers. How this technology will commercially benefit the Grain Milling Industry globally?

Yes we are providing our technology and we are adopting a contract manufacturer business model. Because of this our price is very low but quality is high.

Now talking about your conveyers, Sir Can you please share with us different conveyers manufactured by your

tahıl kurutma grain dryer 20
tahıl kurutma grain dryer 20


We are producing all kind of grain carrying devices like chain conveyor, belt conveyor etc..

Apart from the above discussed products, is your company manufacture or trade in any other product or services used in Grain Milling Industry?  (Please provide us some details of the same)

We are producing as a contract manufacturer and too many companies are using our products.For example in Hungary Agriteco, Ukraine Ugt and in Russia Allrella. In Turkey we are working with some companies too.


 Will you please share with us your market presence and your future    prospective markets you are looking for? .

Our mission is sell to every country one device per year. And increase our annual  production to 150 dryers.Next 5 years increase our production to annually 1600  dryers.  

How does the Research & Development works in your company and Are  you planning to introduce any new technology in the market? Especially our Research & Development department works on mass production of the  bolt mounts. Because we want to corporate with our partners. At the moment in our  facilities, we are working on tower type lateral.

Where do you see Teco Dryers 10 years from now and What are the future plans of your company?

Next 10 years, our mission at the market is being a world leader and increase our market share to %9.7 .



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