Organic rice growerAccording to sources, the administration of Italy’s Piedmont region has decided to tighten controls on organic rice growing in order to prevent speculation against the consumers’ confidence. The organic rice in the European Union (EU) is generally grown according to specified practices, including the elimination of chemicals and the use of a crop rotation. However, the yields are low while the prices are high for organic rice. According to the alderman for agriculture of Piedmont told that we want farmers to continue to make organic rice, a real opportunity for them but it has been decided to tighten up controls to offer them better guarantees, both for consumers and businesses. Those who try to be cunning must be punished; however, it will not be easier.

Further, it has been noted that the tighten controls are needed because the organic rice farmers are found not to use all their farmland for organic rice. Nearly 90% of farmers use only part of their area for organic growing. Most of the organic rice farmers do not obtain resources from the Rural Development Plan and are controlled by private certification bodies, who determine whether the producers are meeting the organic standards. The region has also decided to increase pressure on the private certification bodies to take a closer look at the organic rice growing practices, starting from sowing time. The analysis of samples will also include all active principles which are being allowed in conventional farming. Further, in this regard, the new standards will be prepared by the University of Turin and the monitoring bodies can startShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. with the inspections in 2016, which is expected to give account to the Region accordingly.