Vietnam RiceAccording to the local sources, it has been indicated recently that the rice at the store when it comes to quality issues, the majority of the consumers like highly the Rice from Thailand, Cambodia than Vietnamese rice .In this matter, it has been observed that there are many reasons why Vietnam's rice quality is not equal to foreign rice, which, is mainly due to the country's rice production is not good. While, the farmers in Cambodia produce rice in smaller quantities as a seasonal crop but it enhances focus on the product quality. However, on the other hand farmers to run our country according to the number are producing many varieties of rice but of low quality and this low quality Vietnamese rice trademark entail also lost.

Further, in this aspect, it has been stated that this is very alarming to see a serious decline in the value of rice in Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA), the current annual average of our country exported about 8 million tonnes, but has more than 70% of low-grade rice. According to agricultural experts, to improve grain quality, it Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.requires striving to build a brand for Vietnamese rice and it should not run forever on the number that needs attention to good quality. For new quality it is the most important factor in today's competitive times.