climate smart paddyAs per the local sources it has been  revealed that Scientists of the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) in India are developing a ‘climate smart’ paddy variety with multi-trait gene packaging, which is capable of withstanding both drought and flood situation. It is one of the major breakthrough as scientists have been able to agglomerate genes that are resilient to opposite extremes of climatic conditions as flood and drought to design a single paddy variety that would not only absorb the stress but also give high yield under  such conditions as it was informed by a Senior Scientist of the CRRI.

In this context, it has been emphasized by the Director of the CRRI that with the launching of this particular variety of the ‘Climate Smart’ paddy, the farmers in areas who are facing extreme variable in climatic conditions, it would be highly benefited to them. Further, the CRRI has nominated around six varieties of ‘climate smart’ paddy to the Centre and is carrying out field trials in several states, encompassing different climatic and land conditions. It has been indicated that it is likely that the variety may   be released within two years, according to the CRRI.

Furthermore, recently, the government of India’s eastern state Odisha has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Philippine-based Internationalshanti rice Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to develop high-yield, stress tolerant paddy to overcome impact of climate change.