rice production in liberiaAccording to the sources, Monrovia a visiting Chinese Business Executive has pledged his company’s support to the Council of Chiefs and Elders in the area of food production, particularly the country’s staple food  rice.  In this regard, the Liberia Development Corporation Inc. CEO Caichun Huang informed that his company is willing to support the Council in every aspect for the development of the country.

Further, Mr. Caichun, while speaking at a dinner held in honor of the Council of Chiefs and Elders, the Chairman, Chief Zanzan Karwor and Representative Mary Karwor at a local hotel in Monrovia informed that the chiefs can play a significant role in making the country self-sufficient. Earlier, Chairman Karwor spoke a need to assist the Council in its plan for massive food production in the country. The Council plans to cultivate at least five hundred acres of farmland in every district across the country to feed the citizens and have surpluses for commercial benefit. It was also said that he is prepared to put the Council to work and stressing that hard work is the only medicine for hard time.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice Ad.
Indian Queen Basmati Rice

In this context, it was further told that no country can boast of its independence if it cannot feed its own people. Also speaking, the Liberian partner to Mr. Caichun reaffirmed his confidence in the company’s ability to contribute significantly to the development of Liberia. Mr. J Elder Jallah said in addition to agriculture, the LDCI is also willing to invest in electricity and construction.

Furthermore, it was narrated that despite the availability of fertile soil for growing rice to large scale, Liberia is yet to have mechanized rice production. For existing, the farming is widespread with locals making farms only to feed themselves. However, the country is reliant on imported rice from mostly Asian countries.