output_wRRiQdChina’s Guangdong Grain Association has signed a deal to import 1500 tone rice with Rice Exporter Association of Pakistan.

A team of 10 delegation from China visited Pakistan to meet REAP members at head office of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) on 25 March. TDAP have arranged two successively B2B meeting for the two associations.

Before meeting with REAP, the team visited a rice processing factory in Karachi, Pakistan on 23 March. They were quite satisfied with the quality of rice being processed their and the standard of processing factory. It is also likely that they will visit some more factories in the Lahore and Islamabad.

The REAP members are requesting the Pakistan government to increase the rice export to China so that they can have a handsome share in the Chinese market. China is a bigger importer of rice from Vietnam and Thailand.

Chinese have good taste for Pakistani rice. Last year TDAP and Pakistan embassy visited Beijing to take up issues on increasing the import rice quota from Pakistan from 500,000 tons to 750,000 tons as the import limit is stopping the Pakistan rice exporters to increase their rice quota to China.

Pakistan is major rice exporter of Basmati rice with export volume of 158,351 tons exported to china in first six months of FY 2014-15.South East Asian nations has exported 353,242 tons of rice to China.