Economic Times reveals that the Chinese government is planning to increase its grain production including rice and to improve reserves of grains to ensure food security in the country.

State Council has urged all the local government to be more conscious in grain production, their maintenance of reserves and their price stability.

The Council observed that grain supplies in the country are going to be tight as of land and water constraints in the country so all the local government should hold reserves for atleast half month’s needs. It also urged the local government to take more responsibility of importance of food safety and to ensure the safe and reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers and to treat heavy metal polluted agriculture lands.

Till now, Chinese government focuses more on industrialization and hence the local farming activities could contribute only a small fraction of total GDP of country.

China is the world’s largest rice importer of rice. The East Asian Nation has imported around 2.58 million tons of rice in 2014 which is up about 14% from around 2.27 million tons , according to Ministry of Agriculture data