China Supports Fiji to enhance rice production. Memorandum of Understanding between Chinese Government and Fiji’s Agriculture Ministry has been signed to provide improvement in government’s Rice Revitalization Program.

Rendering to the MOU, technical support to the Fijian government and help it increase local rice production will be provided by China Shandong International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Limited (CSI) and the Yuan Longping High–Tech Agriculture Company Limited.

The MOU would support the government considerably to moderate the yearly import bill of about $40 million. Maximum of the rice fields in Fiji fall under monetary low zones, which are distant from markets. There is a necessity to amend those zones and transform them into production and viable areas in order to upsurge resident rice production.

The CSI Deputy Manager observed, “They would initiate latest expertise to farmers as well as train them to use it and encourage rice production”. He further said that their purpose is to expand the paddy per hectare yield from the existing 2.5 tons to over 8 tons.

The Chinese government has permitted $10 million for the purpose and the scheme will begin from January 2015 over December 2016. The Fijian government has now recognized certain domains for executing the project.

Fiji is a net importer of rice and imports around 70% of its rice intake requirements of about 44,000 tons yearly.Thailand and India are the main exporters of Rice for Fiji

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