Milltec Food Show Odisha, 2017 - A conference cum exhibition- rice milling and technologyThe China Agricultural University (CAU), China’s oldest higher educational institution on agriculture, signed an agreement with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) on 15 March 2017, renewing a partnership to boost research, training, and knowledge and technologies exchange between the two institutions. CAU is an important partner of IRRI that had previously partnered with the institute on research related to ‘aerobic’ rice, agricultural models, and Green Super Rice.

Under the new agreement, the two institutions are seeking to strengthen their mutual capacity through scientist and student exchanges and mentoring. CAU’s College of Agronomy and Biotechnology will be working with the newly launched IRRI Education, in instituting course offerings on modern genomics and molecular breeding. Also through the agreement, CAU and IRRI scientists will collaborate on several areas of rice research including genomics and advanced breeding.

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