Centre government has set a new guidelines for the rice miller in haryana to fix the moisture content  in the rice. The revised acceptance of the moisture content in paddy has decreased by 1% from 15%-14%.

Rice Millers in Haryana are against this guideline and said that it is difficult to bring down the moisture in the paddy by 1 %.Haryana have a total of 900 rice millers who procured paddy from the government and supply back them rice.They get Rs 15 per quintal for its milling.

Rajender Aggarwal,president haryan rice millers and dealers association meet with T.V.N Prasad ,secretary Haryana Food and Supply Department and express his views on the same on behalf of haryana rice millers.

Ravi Dutta,Vice President and Ashish Mehta spokeman siad that it is not so easy to revise the moisture by 1%.Ashish mehta said that milling in haryana starts in the November and went till March.These are the colder days and when they procure the paddy from the they have 20-24 percent moisture which requires lots of sunshine to remove the moisture .So the only option they have is to stop milling of paddy after the guideline of centre government.

In Haryana,every year milling of 38,0000 tons of paddy is done which yields 24,0000 tonnes of rice to centre.