Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Rest of Asia Rice News

Rest of Asia Rice News

Asian Rice Updates

Bangladesh Rice

Will the rice prices boom in Dhaka?

Will the rice prices boom in Dhaka-Rice import has boomed in recent years because of poor Govt. food storage and a peak price in...
Philippines Flag

A quality research is required in journals and research papers

 It seems that Philippines is not paying attention towards latest soil researches even though the fact shows that most of the soil researches are...
Bangladesh Flag

Chuadanga common people under the pressure of rice price hike

CHUADANGA common people are suffering from hike of rice price commodity and it is really a tough time for them. Even though, it has...
thailand and china flag

China to buy 1 million tones of rice from Thailand

Mr NIWAT bread maintaining its merit and Deputy Prime Minister. Minister of Commerce. Discussed the progress of the discussions with the Chinese government official said....

Sri Lanka and Bhutan signed several deals

The Bhutan government has organized several cultural programmes to welcome the delegates from Sri lanka. MPs V.K. Indika, Ruwan Ranathunga, Ashoka Abeysinghe and Palitha...

China to look for foreign rice

China is the biggest rice producer with the ample of rice supply is importing the rice for the first time owning the title of...

World Food Programme (WFA) to aid Myanmar

Myanmar has been provided with 175,544 tonnes of rice worth 167.69 million USD by the United Nations World Food Programme( WFP) till 2015. The...

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