Monday, December 10, 2018
Pakistan Rice News

Pakistan Rice News

Pakistani Rice Updates

Quality Control system helps to improve export-import of goods.

Pakistani goods generally lack the quality. Hence the Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (MNFS&R) Sikandar Hayat  Khan Bosan on Thursday said...
Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan

UNISAME urged REAP to make a model to solve rice exporter’s problems

Union of small and medium Enterprises(UNISAME)  have praised Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) for their unopposed support on election  on the committee for a period...
pakistan and Kenya

Kenya’s decision to increase import duty on rice affects rice industry in Pakistan

Kenya's decision to increase import duty on rice affects rice industry.Rice is the third main staple food in kenya after  maize and wheat. Historically, rice...

Planting more water-hungry rice may not make sense in Pakistan

 A news of GHOTIKI, Pakistan -Growing more rice on water shortage land of Pakistan is not worthy as the Pakistan land is more prone...

Inadequate Rice storage is resulting into post-harvest losses, in Pakistan

Lack of rice storage facilities is damaging rice grain according to SBP (state bank of Pakistan). Bank asserts that Pakistan has always lost near...
Pakistani Rice

Will Policy of rice exports of Pak Government have impact on global share?

Rice traders in UAE are hoping that there would be a tremendous incline in rice exports from Pak, however the pressure on rice supply...
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Export decreases as Basmati price increases in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the leading rice exporter. But for the past three years the export have been declined to around 40% from 970,000...

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