Monday, December 10, 2018
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America Rice News

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USDA: Rice Market Enthusiastic for Future

Due to rise in rice market by 12 cents this week, both long grain and medium/short grain has given hopes for positive future with...
America Rice Fields

Arkansas (A US state) is planning to increase its Rice land

Arkansas (A US state) is planning to increase its Rice land-Although corn and soybean are already at rise in Arkansas but now the Govt....
argentina flag

Argentina exports showing up and down trends

Argentina exports showing up and down trends-Argentina rice exports have shown drastic up and down movements in the recent years. If we study the...
Brazalian Rice Stock

Declining figures of paddy stock in Brazil

 Conab (A national grain supply agency), has revealed some important figures of Brazil paddy crops. According to then it is declining recklessly from last...

Food and Drug Administration detected arsenic in Indian and other nation’s rice

The FDA is performing its inspection of arsenic content in the rice being imported from other nations in America including the basmati rice imported...

Arsenic level in rice at no serious risk-FDA

The arsenic level detected in the rice and rice product being imported to the U.S has no serious impact on public health. The FDA official...

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