Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen admitted that it is unlikely to achieve the government’s target of 1 million tones of rice export by 2015 due to unavailability of milling capacity and funds.

Addressing the graduation ceremony at the National Institute of Education yesterday, Hun Sen said that government target of 1 million tone is doubtful to achieve.

“Lacking of funds has stopped the government to stop the farmers from selling their paddy to traders”, he said.

From January to November, Cambodia has exported only 330,000 tones of rice against the planned 1 million tons of rice set in 2010.

Prime Minister Hun blamed lacks of funds and milling capacity as the factor responsible to un-reaching the target.

Rice Production has overtaken the milling capacity and most of the rice millers does not have funds to purchase the paddy and store them for export so the target seems to unikely to reach.

Sok Puthyvuth, president of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF),said that uncontrollable offloading of rice stocks to rice traders by farmers had made it difficult for Cambodia to reach its rice target of 1 million tones by 2015.

Puthyvuth said that the CRFD has been taking the necessary steps to improve the infrastructural facilities to store the paddy stock and also is planning to take loan so that they could buy the stocks in large amount for export.

With the hope of improving infrastructural facilities and loan to buy the stock, Cambodia may think of bringing rice export figures close to target.

Last month, Chines government has approved in-principal a $300 million to build a series of warehouses aimed at assisting the Kingdom’s rice industry with its storage woes.

The loan will able the Cambodian government to construct more than 10 warehouses in the country with the  capacity of storing at least 1 million tons of paddy. The facilities will be located along key rural production areas, urban markets and ports along the country’s value chains.