Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) has approved to raise the funds collected from the rice exporters for rice sector development.

CRF members have decided that rice exporters should pay an export fee of about $0.50 per tons for long grain rice and $1 per ton for fragrant rice variety. The fee collected will be used for teaching the rice farmers about potential crop issues through paper media and television.

CRF president said that they needed about $777,000 for the development of rice sector in the country. Earlier, CRF used to collect this fund from private sector but the respective organization has delayed their approval hence they have decided to collect the funds by raising the export fee from rice exporters.

However if collection of export fee is introduced than it will be possible that rice exporter would demand to increase their rice quota hence would affect the Cambodian rice market globally and would reduce the nation’s rice export.

Recently CRF has also bought a loan of around $300 million from china to develop warehouses in the country to make the country strong enough to face the competition on exports from Thailand and Vietnam and to provide uninterrupted supplies to millers and exporters. Chinese government is yet to respond to the Memorandum of Understand sent by Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Secretariat One window Service (SOWS-REF) under Ministry of Trade said that Cambodia rice export has raised by 2% in 2014 from around 378,856 tons of rice exported in 2013.

Cambodia paddy production for the MY2014-15(Jan-Dec 2015) is estimated at around 7.656 million tons up about 4% from around 7.383 million tons in MY 2013-14,estimated by USDA.

Cambodia will export around 1.2 million tons of rice in 2015 through official and unofficial means up about 20% from estimated 1 million tons in 2014.