Brazil Rice Exports Projected to increase 50% to 1.2 Million Tons in 2013‑14.Brazil’s rice exports in 2013­14 are prediction to bounce back 1.2 million tons, up about 50% from an valued 800,000 tons in 2012­13.

USDA Post in Brazil announced, Exports in 2012­13 are low about 18% from the 970,000 tons exported in 2011­-12, and nearly 50% lower than 2010-­11 exports. It also mentions that rice exports by the country were upset last year because of high prices and could perceive a bounce back in 2013­14 due to greater supplies.

The USDA Post says that rice estate in Brazil is likely to grow to around 2.52 million hectares in 2013-­14, up about 5% (from around 2.4 million hectares in the previous year.

Though, high rice prices will improve rice production the country this year. Rice production in Brazil in 2013­14 is predictable to mature to around 8.5 million tons, up about 4% from around 8.16 million tons in 2012­13, assisted mostly by boosted plantings in crucial rice cultivating areas.

Rice prices touched highest levels in 2012­13 due to inadequate supply and robust export demand. Prices have dropped firmly in the past few weeks due to the coming of the yield season, although prices will resume to stay excessive and help recover rice production this year.

The level of price drop has been greatly less than in previous years during harvest season. This advises that excessive prices will exist for the rest of 2013.