Binadhan-11 and Binadhan-12, two new rice breeds, have emerged as the ultimate stars this season in the Jessore district of Bangladesh. Both these rice breeds performed outstanding during the flash flood condition in Bangladesh last year. There performance in that critical situation has made them a welcoming breed of rice this year too. While Binadhan-11 is known as model breed due to its short period required for harvesting Binadhan-12 got attention as finest grain quality. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) along with Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) has found that both the breeds are flash flood-tolerant rice variety that can be retained damage free even after 10 days of complete immersion in flood water. These two varieties allow the farmer to grow other crops like potato, wheat, mustard on the same piece of land as farmer can grow them in October and then can move on for winter crops.

Identification of introgressed rice was carried out in Plant Breeding Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
(BINA), Mymensingh from July, 2010 to September, 2011.

In flash flood prone and flood-free areas where same piece of land is used for cultivating aman and rabi crops, the rice varities are now getting promoted.