The scientists at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University(BHU) have developed a Basmati Rice variety, (HUBR 10-9), which they claim to be the highest yielding variety (60-65 q/ha).

The variety was developed by the scientists of the department of genetics and plant breeding including senior rice breeders HK Jaiswal, RP Singh and senior rice agronomist VK Srivastava.

Features of HUBR 10-9 basmati:

  • The variety has long aromatic fine grains
  • The plants are semi-dwarf and yields 60-65 q/ha.
  • The variety is highly responsive to fertilizer application.
  • It is a medium duration variety which matures in 130-135 days
  • It is best suited for rice-wheat cultivation.
  • On cooking, the rice is soft, chewy and aromatic.

According to scientists at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the variety was identified in the Varietal Identification Committee in its meeting held in Hyderabad on April 7, 2012 and on the recommendation of Central Seed Committee, the Government of India has released and notified the variety in the Gazette of India.

The rice variety is to be made available to the farmers of the states of Haryana and Punjab, which contribute 76% area under Basmati rice and 67% production of Basmati rice in India. Besides Haryana and Punjab, it may also be cultivated in other Basmati geographical indication area of Uttarakhand, Western Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Delhi.

Suggestions by experts

  • According to RP Singh, the nursery of HUBR-10-9 should be planted in between 25 and 30 June so that it flowers after October 20 when the temperature is favorable for the development of aroma in this variety.
  • Use of organic manure/ farm yard compost is particularly important to develop Basmati grain characteristics and aroma in this variety.
  • Rice agronomist VK Srivastav emphasized that HUBR-10-9 can be grown in place of long duration aromatic short grain rice varieties.
  • Since HUBR-10-9 is a medium duration variety, the rice fields can be vacated by mid-November for timely sowing of the wheat crop. The seed of HUBR-10-9 shall be made available to the farmers from Kharif 2014.