Food Show Registraion

These days one can’t be more careful while selling rice, especially to the new buyers who should first have their background thoroughly checked. It has been noted that some trading firms, after striking a deal with the rice producers, normally on credit, don’t pay up in time. After much persuasion when pressed for payments, they ask for a hefty and unreasonable discounts citing inferior quality of rice. If the seller asks for the return of commodity they give excuse that the rice is already sold to another party. They claim that their buyers have also cut payments due to the bad quality and therefore they want discount as well. But all this an excuse by these fraudulent firms to fleece the rice producers, who had made the sale after duly verifying the quality and other terms and conditions of the sale.

If their unjust demands are turned down by the rice producers then they out rightly refuse the entire payment. After the intervention of the commission agents and many rounds to their establishment they would only make discounted payments and refuse any credit notes with intention to avoid law. The main reason for such high discounts is apparently the falling of prices of the commodity in the market and not the inferior quality as claimed by them. Therefore their bad intention and unethical business practices are at play while engaging in such fraudulent activities. Although AIREA and other rice associations are informed of the ill- practices of these firms everyone should be very cautious while dealing with new and unknown people. Please share these details further and beware while selling commodities.