Milltec Food Show Odisha, 2017 - A conference cum exhibition- rice milling and technologyToday Mr. Mohit Gupta, Director, Bharat Industrial Enterprise Ltd. (BIEL) exposed an alarming case of fraud taking place in the Taroari region where there is a heavy concentration of rice mills. While speaking to Riceoutlook, Mr. Mohit Gupta disclosed the presence of some fake or unknown rice brokers, doing dubious deals under which they were procuring rice on the behalf of the prominent rice millers/exporter of the region. He cited his own case where a trolley of rice was delivered on 9th April, 2017 to his rice mill without the management’s notice. The owners and the staff are unaware of these so- called brokers who were making fraudulent purchases on the behalf of such established firms with malicious intentions to tarnish their reputations.

The young and ever vigilant entrepreneur Mr. Mohit expressed deep shock at such development and asked everyone to be extra cautious while dealing with new unknown brokers but rather work only with known and reputed rice brokers. Mr. Mohit particularly mentioned one incident in which 3 brokers (one from Ismailabad and two from Nissing) supposedly struck a deal for 1121 sela rice with one very renowned miller of Nissing and without any knowledge about it delivered 1 trolley of rice in their mill. “The motives clearly are very doubtful and malignant of such persons and therefore it’s our appeal to everyone that we must beware of such new and unknown brokers and be not be entertaining them at any cost,” Mr. Mohit warned.