Various National Statistical Agencies have estimated that this fiscal year is going to be boon for rice production as estimates states that production of rice crops, particularly Aman and Aus is likely to rise this fiscal year despite of decrease in the harvesting area.

This fiscal year the production of Aman is estimated at around 1.4 crore metric tons an increase of 1.3% compared to 1.3 crore metric tons in the same period a year earlier, according to the agriculture wing of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)

For Aus it is estimated at 23.28 crore metric tons, which is 0.08% higher over the last year despite declining harvesting area of 0.6%. but for Aman no change has been observed in the area under Aman rice crop.


Factors like adequate power supply, timely distribution of fertilizers and seeds are responsible for the increase rice production, said an official.

Agricultural Department of Bangladesh has set target for the production of Aman and Aus at 1.34 crore tons and 23 lakhs tons respectively. However the estimates for Boro, main rice crop of Bangladesh are still likely to come as the production figures of the last FY 2014-15 are not cleared yet.

Aman, the second largest rice crop in the country, production has been persistently higher since 2010. In respect to the volume of production, Boro tops the production though the area coverage of Aman is the largest as a single crop and Boro remains the second.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) report released last year, the total rice output may rise 0.60% to 3.48 crore tons in the current fiscal year from last year.