shanti agro adAccording to sources, Bangladesh rice farmers have been advised to preserve and  to increase production of indigenous rice varieties such as ‘Parija’ through modern technologies. In one of the training organized for farmers of Rangpur District, the agricultural officers were told by the experts to disseminate latest seed technology amongst farmers and to educate them on production, preservation and management of Parija rice seeds.

The Chief Guest of the training suggested various means to preserve seeds of Parija rice. It was informed that expanding Parija rice farming does not require additional irrigation as its plants grow well with the unused seasonal rain water between May and July of the year. Further, it was added that farmers would be largely benefited through producing and preserving Parija rice seeds especially during price hikes. It has also been noted that some farmers have already started cultivation of Parija rice in rotation with other crops such as mustard, potato or mungbean.