Bangladesh through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a proposal to India to purchase its parboiled rice variety at the rate of $425-$430 per ton.

Bangladesh has acted on the India’s interest to purchase rice from its neighboring countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc as the transportation cost within India is costlier than from these neighboring countries.

Joint Secretary from Ministry of Food has told that Bangladesh received a letter from India expressing their interest to import rice from Bangladesh on 17 December, 2014, on which Bangladesh replied along with price proposal to India for its parboiled rice on 21 December, 2014.

Bangladesh has recently signed a G-to-G deal with Sri-Lanka to export 50,000 tons of Rice at the rate of $450 per ton.

Bangladesh has assured that country’s food stock is sufficient enough for its people requirement after exporting 50,000 tons of rice to Sri-Lanka. According to Ministry of Food, Bangladesh has 1.17million tons of rice in its food stock which is above 73% year on year.

Bangladesh Basis milled rice production in FY 2013-14(July-June) is up by 2.7%  to 34.449 million tons as compare to 33.883 million tons produced in FY 2012-13 according to Department of Agriculture Extension Data.

India also to import 20,000 MT of rice from Myanmar for its North Eastern State. India’s decision to import rice from its neighboring countries is to overcome the transportation hindrance occurred after the new railway network of 220 km between Assam and Tripura has started to re-construct.