Indian Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited

Bangladesh is now exploring markets abroad to export its rice since the country has already achieved food self-sufficiency. “We’ve already achieved sufficiency in food grains production. Bangladesh exports rice to Sri Lanka. And now it is looking for more markets abroad,” Food Minister Quamrul Islam said at the 2nd World Grain Forum-2016. The two-day World Grain Forum began in Sochi, a Russian city on the Black Sea, on Friday. Addressing the meeting, Quamrul said Bangladesh has achieved a marked progress in fighting poverty and hunger, and it continues a steady growth of GDP (gross domestic product) with more than 7 percent in recent years. He further said the country’s food production increased by three times in the last three decades and now it has been able to ensure its food security. “In case of any emergency, we have the capacity to ensure food to our all people without any support from abroad,” the Food Minister said.

The 2nd World Grain Forum was held on November, 18-19th 2016 in Sochi and was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The Forum focused on finding effective ways to reduce the negative impact of sanctions on the Russian economy, the creation of conditions for the formation of new strategic alliances, positioning of the European Economic Union as a new player on the world grain market and the development of international cooperation in the exchange of knowledge and technologies. The forum was attended by about 2,500 delegates, including representatives of Russian and foreign agribusiness companies, industrial unions and associations, official foreign delegations from more than 50 countries, heads of international organisations and financial institutions, and foreign scientists and analysts.