paddyAs per local sources it has been indicated that Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) starts 20 new projects under the minor irrigation development programme are about to be put into operation this year’s dry season for producing crops including Boro paddy in Sylhet with a view to providing irrigation facilities and 5 others were started in the last year’s winter season this time the total figure would be 25. This project has implemented on the some less developed areas of Golapganj and Beanibazar upozilas. Of the total, 24 are in Golapganj and the other is Beanibazar upazila.

Further in this regard it has been informed that the farmers will be able to collect water from the Surma River and other natural sources through power pumps for irrigating the Boro lands through pucca drains. Electricity lines have been erected through Sylhet Palli Biddutayon Samity. About 250 farmers will be benefited in each of the projects and at least 800 hectares of land will get the facilities directly.

Further, in this context, the Secretary of the Hatimnagar Farmers Association Ansar Ali of village Turukbag in Golapganj upozila said it is a great opportunity for us. It was also expressed a hope that the huge croplands had remained arable during the dryShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. season for ages mainly due to lack of water sources. In addition to Robi crops, now they would be able to irrigate those for Boro paddy.