The rice exporter in Punjab is being asked to adopt a cluster of 8-10 villages for quality rice seeds for basmati and to boost the rice exports.

In a meeting with the members of the Punjab Rice Exporters’ Association (PREA), Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has asked the basmati exporters to adopt the village cluster for the quality basmati seeds for basmati variety like such as 1501 and 421.

He also asked the exporters to initiate the strong efforts for the revival of traditional basmati variety Basmati 386 which is known for its aroma and taste.

C.M Badal assured full cooperation and support to the PREA members who visited him on Wednesday for pro- farmer cause. This cause not only helps the farmer to boost the rice prices for their rice production but also helps government efforts in agriculture diversification

Badal said that the agricultural department of the state along with the PREA will make some joint efforts for production of quality Basmati seeds as this would be boost the basmati export.

He also promised to resolve all the pending issues of PREA at his meeting at Basmati Development Board.

He also said that they will work on the reorganization of the Pusa 1121 Basmati in the European market as they are not considering this as a approved export variety in the European market.

He also assured the exporters of the getting of issues regarding the levy on the the Basmati varieties of PUSA and ‘Sugandha’ purchased from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and other states, thoroughly examined.

He also said that the state government with the PREA will boost its effort for spreading awareness among the farmers about the moisture content in Basmati.