The Indian Metrological Department rekindles the hope of Production of Rice in India after the arrival of monsoon in the India’s Western state Maharashtra and adjoining state such as Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. The rainfall in these areas have led to the rise in the level of ground water.

The Deputy Director General of Agricultural Meteorology (DG-AM) said that the arrival of the monsoon in central and western part of the Country at right time would improve the production of rice in the country which is the staple food of the country.

indian meteorological department- production of rice
indian meteorological department

The Head of the Indian Metrological Department said that the regions which were dry until few days earlier received the rainfall nearly 700% above the average rainfall. But comparing to the rainfall last year it received 25% less rain. About 40% of the country has received normal rainfall, he added

Expressing the concern for the monsoon he said that  rainfall in eastern and central India is likely to  decrease until July 2014 and the next spell of rain may not as heavy as the current one.

The IMD predicted the rainfall for July about 93% but actual is less that that predicted so the IMD is going to revise its prediction for august and September.

According to the data of Indian Agriculture Ministry, planting for Khariff Rice Crop India has reached around 12.736 Million hectares of rice area as of July 18, 2014, down about 18% from about 15.485 Million hectares planted during the same time last year.


Analyst are expecting 2014 Indian Production of Rice to fall significantly due to lack of rain and are expecting the country to cut down on export to ensure the sufficient supply to the country