Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), an apex organization under the Ministry of  Commerce and Industry, Government of India,is taking a responsibility on how to remove difficulties in the agriculture  product and how to develop and promote agriculture sector in the country.

APEDA is studying on how to improve the export of agricultural goods from india to other countries.

APEDA under its XII  Plan Scheme for development in the  agriculture sector,is excited to engage a retainer who assist for the  the appraisal of  detailed project report regarding the agricultural activities and in identification of prospective projects.

Under the scheme for infrastructure development, assistance is provided for establishment of common infrastructure facilities like storage houses,shed,purchase of specialised transport units for animal products horticulture and floriculture  sector; setting up of sheds for intermediate storage and grading / storage / cleaning operation of produce; and setting up of mechanized handling facilities such as sorting, grading, washing, waxing, ripening, packaging and palletisation, etc.



In additon to these services the scheme also provide  :

  • Pre cooling facilities with proper handling system
  • cold storage for storing
  • providing facilities for treatment such as fumigation, X-ray screening,hot water dip treatment, Water softening Plant.
  • setting up of integrated post harvest-handling system
  • setting up of cable cars  for banana and other crops
  • setting up of vapour heat treatment, electronic beam processing or irradiation facilities.
  • environment control system e.g. pollution control, effluent treatment etc.