apedaAs per the latest reports available, it indicates that the Agricultural Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is planning to promote basmati rice exports in retail packs with Indian brands in key markets in abroad in  order to boost the country’s basmati rice exports. So far, India has focused on exports in bulk form and sold under private labels owned by the importers. Now, the APEDA is planning to launch a campaign in Saudi Arabia and Iran and has invited views and suggestions of interest from exporters to launch the promotional campaign.

In this regard, the APEDA and All India Rice Exporters Association are working together on this proposed campaign, which may be launched early next year, as quoted by the Advisor to APEDA. The initiative is aimed to create better consumer awareness and education about the Indian basmati rice, while helping the exporters to realize better value for their produce too. Further, the official noted that the campaign will be initially undertaken in Saudi Arabia and Iran since they account for over half of India’s basmati rice exports. It was also added that APEDA prefers to work with those brands that already have their presence in these markets.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice Ad.
Indian Queen Basmati Rice

As per data, it indicates that India exported around 1.67 million tons of basmati rice in April-August 2015, which is up about 17% from around 1.43 million tons exported in last year. However, the export value declined about 23% y/y to around $1.55 billion from around $2.03 billion as compared to last year. Meanwhile, the India is also expecting Iran to lift the temporary ban on rice imports in a couple of months, which it placed in November 2014 citing higher domestic production and their adequate stocks.