On behalf of the President of India, Tenders for, the supply of “Agmark Grade-I Superfine Long Grain Rice (05 & 25 Kgs)”  for quantities  and items as mentioned in commercial bid matrix(part-V) at Base Victualling Yard, Visakhapatnam for a period of one year as mentioned in “Acceptance of tender” (Exact date of commencement of contract will be notified in the Acceptance of Tender) as shown in the attached schedule (IAFZ-2121) are invited by the Base Victualling Officer, Base Victualling Yard, Visakhapatnam-530009.  The date of commencement is provisional and subjected to change, to be notified in the acceptance of tender (IAFZ-2124).

Bids are invited through e-procurement module in CPP Portal (URL -http://eprocure.gov.in) for supply of items mentioned in the RFP Rates are not to be included in technical bids.” This RFP is being issued on Two Bid Tender.

Tender Document

Download (PDF, 545KB)

Tender Details

Company: Indian Navy
Tender Closing Date: 26-01-2017
Location: Visakhapatnam – Andhra Pradesh – India
Address Base Victualling Yard Base Victualling Officer, NAD Kotha Post Road, Visakhapatnam – 530 009
Tel: 0891- 2558301