importing rice between US and China may begin soonAccording to a statement issued by the USA Rice Federation, it has been revealed that U.S. and Chinese officials appear to have reached an agreement on a phytosanitary protocol for the shipment of American-grown milled rice into Chinese ports. Further, most trade exports believe that China has been importing more rice than it reports with most of the foreign-grown rice coming from Cambodia, Thailand and other countries along its southern border, but none from the U.S.

It has been observed that the challenge now is to move from agreement to shipments, as informed by the USA Rice Federation CEO Mr Betsy Ward, who, in the past, has described the long-running negotiations as “complex,” and involving issues that seemed to have little to do with actual pest issues faced by rice producers in the U.S.

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Furthermore, this extraordinary agreement has been a long time coming, and it is commended that this U.S. negotiators and USA Rice for sticking to it and getting us a phytosanitary protocol that while more complicated and detailed than any other rice protocol in the world, is something both industries appear able to make work, according to Mr Dow Brantley, USA Rice chairman.