pakistan basmati riceAccording to the latest information available, it indicates that the government of Bangladesh will procure 200,000 tonnes of Aman rice at the rate of Tk 31 per kg. According to the Food Minister Mr. Qamrul Islam it was informed that the procurement of rice would run from Dec 15 to Mar 15 next year. It was also told that production of each kg of Aman paddy cost the farmers about Tk 18.5. The production cost ran up to Tk 28.5 for each kg.Due to this it has been decided to procure Aman rice at the rate of Tk 31 per kg as disclosed by the minister. Further, it was informed that the government collected around 320,000 tonnes of Aman rice in last year at Tk 32 per kg.
Furthermore, in this context, it was informed by Mr Qamrul that the prices of rice and flour would be reduced for open-market sales (OMS) to keep the commodities within the people’s reach. It was narrated that atshanti rice present one kg of flour costs Tk 22 and rice Tk 24 in the OMS. However, we will announce the reduced prices within a day or two as it was informed by the minister to the reporters.