Phaichit Viboontanasarn, commercial minister at the Thai embassy in Beijing said that The China and Thailand are seeking some another alternative for “Rice for Rail” programme after the programme is halted due to turmoil in Thailand.

Rice for Rail
Rice for Rail


He said that the China and Thailand has decided not to bid on the rice trade to Thai high speed rail project.He added that the agreement will profit both the countries and can benefit the China more in exporting high speed rail trains and technology.

This bilateral relation was released last October when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Thailand observed that China suppose to participate in Thai high-speed rail projects, with agricultural products as part of payment. This continue till February after which the Thailand falls into the political crisis like Rice Pledging Scheme.

He said that the China is interested in buying Thai rice and has shown interest in investing in its infrastructure but Thailand wants the Chinese investment in the rail project as China is known for its technology.

He believes that if Thailand bids on rail project than it would definitely benefits Chinese government.

Thailand has approved the high speed railway projects which will bridge Thailand and southern China.This project will start in l;ate july or may be longer as the railway needs to pass through Laos.