The agricultural department of India has promoted new rice variety in the country. The department has decided to distribute 500kg of rice seeds to farmers to start.

The farmers in the different areas will receive 3 kg kit of new rice variety seed.

ICAR research complex at Old Goa has also distributed the new rice variety seeds in different villages and farmers have already started cultivating the red kernel rice variety in their field.

ICAR scientists said that farmers in Goa are not willing to accept new technology.

The agriculture department official said that the red kernel rice variety is much more beneficial than the age-old Jyoti variety, which is preferred by farmers.

The yield is a few times more than Jyoti variety while Makam has also better resistance to pests.

Farmers in Goa prefer Jyoti variety due to its taste but agronomists vouch for the equally good nutritive value and taste of Makam, besides a few advantages.