Telangana Agricultural Scientist has discovered a way for WATER SAVING RICE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY. This technology is Aerobic system in which the farmer can directly sow the seed like any other crop.

The system of rice cultivation is less abour-intensive, requires less input and less seed.

The demonstration for this technology was shown to about 300 farmers who had arrived here from different parts of the district at Reddypuram on Sunday, where a local farmer on his fields have practiced this cultivation method.

Highlighting the benefits of the Aerobic system, District Agriculture Technology and Transfer Centre (DATT) director R. Uma Reddy said that now farmer need no transplantation of paddy seedlings , they need not plough the land.

Using the seed drill pulled either by tractor or bulls, farmers can easily sow the seed. The yield is better than the traditional cultivation and also spacing between the paddy is good which does not develop any weed.

Another farmer  Biksham, from Govindaraopet mandal said that he too adopted this method and saved a lot as this method does not require transplantation and hence the reduces the cost of labor. Also against the traditional method, the method requires only 15 kg seed per acre as against 30 kg .

Another farmer, Venkat Reddy from Kunur village in Zafargad mandal said that he favors the method but wanted power weeder to stop the growth of weeds in the field.

Director (Extension) Raji Reddy suggested the farmers to grow green gram, jowar, maize and other crops rather than paddy for this rabi season. And if they want to opt for this, they should use this method to save cost and labour.

aerobic rice
aerobic rice