Actual Rice sacks missing under Rice Pledging Scheme Discovered.- In line with the PM Office’s permanent secretary ML Panadda Diskul post on his facebook page about the Rice Pledging Scheme published on

the action against the officials found involved in misplacing the sacks of rice is taken.They have to face immediate transfer and serious actions against them.

A team of  more than 100  government and military inspectors was appointed giving them a month’s time, said the general  Prayong Preeyajit ,Office of Public Sector Anti-corruption Commission secretary

 Mr Panadda said that to reveal a complete set of evidence against any wrong doer ,scientific checks such as DNA tests of the entire rice stock which is millions of tonnes in quantities will be conducted and the result may come untill september.

The warehouses with decaying rice or loss of stock will be accountable,” said Panadda, who is supervising the overall military inspection.

The rice which is in good condition and where it has been stored would be reported to the Commerce Ministry so that it can be sell interested buyers in future.

 According to civilian and military officials in neighbouring Phitsanulok who conducted the inspections some rice sacks were  missing from the warehouses or if some sacks were presented there they do not match with  the code number as founded in the documents

There are 15 rice warehouses in Sukhothai, containing 2,542,010 sacks, or 2,542 tonnes.Out of 15,inspection was held in two were a bundle of irregularities was founded. The remaining warehouses are expected to be inspected  July 25, and  in another month they were involved in determining the quality of rice seeds.