Toughen its trap around defaulting rice mill owners in Biharsharif, District Headquarters of Nalanda, Bihar, the local office of the State Food Corporation (SFC) has brought into a process to grab assets of 15 millers over the district to realize around Rs 16 crore, which they failed to pay against around 90,000 quintal rice, to the corporation in the financial year 2012-13.

The threat of confiscation of assets is holding 20 other rice millers after they failed to return 20,000 quintals of rice worth Rs 5 crore in 2011-12 fiscal, pending clearance of summons filed by the suspect offenders in the Patna high court.

“The department has initiated a process to attach properties of 15 defaulting rice mill owners who did not return 89,339 quintals of rice worth Rs 15.9 crore in 2012-13 fiscal”, said District FCI manager Sushil Kumar.

He also said“ 54 rice millers across the district had to return 6,44,097 quintals of rice but instead a total of 5,54,718 quintals rice was returned to the department but 15 rice mills failed to return 89,339 quintals rice till date”.

“Despite repeated reminders, they remained unmoved and hence the department was left with no option but to begin punitive action” he further stated.

The defaulting rice mills which have been spotted by the department to be penalized include Param Dayal, Buddha Bihar, Mahalaxmi, Shiv Sagar, SK, Jai Thakur, Kisan Agro Enterprises, Deep Jyoti, Maa Gayatri, Raj Automatic, Maa Bhagwati, Guru Gobind, Hari Om and Prakriti rice mills spread across the district.

The FCI official added along with these 15 rice mills, there are 20 other rice mills over Nalanda district which have also not given back the department’s rice worth Rs 5 crore against which same action will be taken once the summon they have filed in the Patna high court is dismiss.

He said in 2011-12, 20 rice millers did not return around 20,000 quintals of rice against paddy they had received from the department.

The cost of the paddy stands around Rs 5 crore and the defaulting firms will not be allowed once the dispute is cleared, added the FCI official.