in 20s group did not consume rice in one-month period in JapanAs per sources available it has been surveyed recently and reported that about 20 percent of Japanese men in their 20s group did not eat rice during the previous one-month period. The data of the survey suggests that younger people are shunning the nation’s staple food. The nationwide survey on traditional Japanese food culture in everyday life was conducted by the farm ministry last October on those aged between 20 to 69, drawing responses from about 10,000 people.

Further, in this regard, it has been reported that of the total, 93.2 percent people informed that they had eaten rice during the previous month, but the figure stood at 81.6 percent among men in their 20s; 91.5 percent among women in the same age group; and 88.5 percent among men in their 30s. On comparison, it was revealed that 96.3 percent of men in their 60s and 97.1 percent of women in the same age group said that they had eaten rice during the past month.

In view of the present  data obtained, it was asked from the people that what they had eaten during that period in a multiple-choice question,Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. 84.2 percent told bread, 80.9 percent said fish, 80.5 percent informed meat, and 58.5 percent told instant noodles and while 14.8 percent said various local foods.