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India Queen Basmati Rice

According to data collected by Ente Nazionale Risi, the National Agency for Rice from about 4,000 farmers, it has been analyzed and disclosed that Italian paddy rice acreage in 2015-16 (September – August) stands at around 227,000 hectares as on August 27, 2015.So, the paddy rice acreage in this year has increased about 7,500 hectares or about 3.4% as compared to last crop year. However, the total paddy acreage in the country stood around 219,500 hectares in the crop year of 2014.

Further, the findings also indicate that the acreage for Indica rice varieties has exhibited a declining trend while that for Japonica rice varieties has shown an increasing trend. In this regard, the official and exact data is expected to be released very soon.