ThilandAccording to the data from Thai Rice Exporters Association (TREA) it has been reported that Thai rice exports has declined sharply in August 2015 after increasing about 7% m/m in July 2015.It has been noted that Thailand has exported around 696,919 tons of rice in August 2015, which is down about 5% from around 734,947 tons exported in July 2015, and now down about 29% from around 975,023 tons exported in August 2014. The decline is probably due to an increased competition with Vietnam and India.

It has been observed that that in value terms, Thailand’s rice exports earned about $314.95 million from total rice exports in August 2015, which is  down about 7% from around $339.6 million earned in July 2015, and down about 33% from around $468.16 million earned in August 2014. In August

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2015, white rice exports accounted for around 362,593 tons (about 52% of total August 2015 exports), Home Mali rice exports accounted for about 97,586 tons (about 14% of total August exports), broken accounted for 72,082 tons (about 10.3% of total August 2015 exports), glutinous variety accounted for 7,346 tons (about 1% of total August 2015 exports), parboiled rice accounted for about 153,349 tons (about 22% of total August 2015 exports) and husked/brown rice accounted for about 3,963 tons (about 0.5% of total August 2015 exports). 

 Further, it has also been indicated that an average export prices of all varieties of rice declined during the month. As per data, Thailand exported around 5.889 million tons of rice in the first eight months of 2015, which is down about 11% from around 6.596 million tons exported during the same period last year. However, Thai exporters are keen on exporting over 10 million tons of rice this year.