rice factoryAs per the sources, it has been stated by local sources that a Chinese firm, Sanya Twin Rice Industry, Research and Development Company, has expressed its readiness to establish a rice factory in Nigeria. In this regard Company chief executive Mr. Wang Jingxin narrated that the firm’s desire to establish rice factory in the country was not only to make profit but also to boost Nigeria’s agriculture through rice production. He also stated that through the establishment of a research centre, the firm would also engage local farmers in different trainings to boost their capacity in rice production.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited

Furthermore, he also narrated that our desire now is to acquire 500 hectares of land for experiment. After four months, if the land is suitable, we would ask for larger hectares of land. While, the 36 states the firm wished to partner with, three states of Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Imo have shown interest. In this regard, Ambassador Ozo Nwobu told that the 8-man delegation that their visit reaffirmed China’s commitment to engage Africa in a strategic partnership for economic development and growth. Further, he also stated that the federal government spends over $20 billion annually on rice importation, noted that Nigeria has all the conditions for rice cultivation.