In Suphanburi province, on April 9, 2014,  near about  570000 Tons of Rice is going to be auctioned  according to DFT director General.
DFT, director general says that out of 170,000 tons, 100,000 tons would be 5% moisture grain & rest 70,000 tons would be Jasmine rice and even A1-Lert rice bran and sticky rice grain.
Second lot of rice which is 400,000 tons would be auctioned on April 10, 2014 at the premises of foreign trade premises. The DFT Director General says that about 150,000 tons of rice would be 5% moisture grain and other grain would be mixed in the rest quantity. Paddy from 2011-14 seasons would be put up for sale on that day.570000 Tons of Rice is going to be auctioned soon.
Bids are likely to be lower compared to the previous ones for the April 9-10, 2014 auctions as prices are declining and also said that as there is already saturation with the previous stock, so all stock would not be auctioned.  In March, over one million tons of rice would be sold every month and target is 8 Million baht around $247 million every month, where the present stocks are near about 10 million tons.( 570000 Tons of Rice is going to be auctioned )